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Re: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions

> 1) Do you ever pay attention to portion size while using a pump(eg, 'I am
> eating one and a half portions of bread)?
> 2) Did you pay attention to portion size on injections?
> 3) Is portion size important to you as a pumper?
> 4) Which is more imporatant: portion size or carb value?

I never pay attention to portion size - either on injections or a pump. I 
have no idea what consitutes a portion anyway!
I only consider carb values (even if a rough guess).
And have always done so, on both injections and pump.
> Sinead took exception to the statement that
> 20g of carbohydrate from carrot and 20g of carbohydrate from chocolate will
> have the same overall impact on your blood sugar
> because 20g of CHO fr. carrots is unrealistic and that evidence-based
> research shows that they do not have the same impact
> 4) Do you think thie statement is inaccurate?

Yes, I think it's inaccurate, because they will affect my blood sugar 
differently over time, even if they will ultimately raise it by the same 
amount. And I therefore think it's misleading, because it sounds as if it 
doesn't make any difference to my BG level whether I eat 20g of carrot carb 
or 20g of chocolate carb. 

> 5) If the statements is inaccurate, do you agree with the reasons?
20g CHO from carrots isn't completely unrealistic, as you could easily drink 
that in carrot juice. But I agree that they don't have the same impact.
I also think that using an ingredient that is more realistic to consume 20g 
would be better, e.g. bread.

> 6) Do you think this statement is more accurate:
> For the purposes of determining insulin doses, 20g of carbohydrate from
> carrots and 20g of carbohydrate from chocolate has the same impact on your
> blood sugar

No, it's not really any more accurate, because I might take my insulin 
differently for the two. For the chocolate I might want to spread it out over 
time, for example.

> 7) Have you ever confused portion size/weight with amount of carbohydrate
> (you thought that you'd get 20g of carb from 20g of carrots)?

No, and I can't imagine anyone with any knowledge of carbs at all would do so.

> 8) Is the concept of grams of carbohydrate difficult for people new to
> carbohydrate counting?

I don't think so. I learnt to carb count when I was 7 and I didn't find it 

> 10) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your weight according to the table
> at www.geocities.com/sastact/insulin_doses.htm ?

No, but it's not that far off. I should have a ratio of 12g, I think, but I 
actually use 15g.

> 11) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your daily insulin intake according
> to the table at www.geocities.com/sastacht/insulin_doses.htm ?

No, again, for my insulin intake I should use a ratio of 12g, but I actually 
use 15.

Hope that helps
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