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Re: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions


If I am low I have a problem with low glycemic foods,  with Humalog I find
high glycemic foods better.


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From: Smith, Beverley
Sent: 11 November 2002 08:19
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Subject: RE: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions

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What is the conversion for weight of bread to CHO?  I used to
know but have forgotten.  Disaster last night - changed
infusion at 6 pm, ate at 8:30 pm (2 thick cheese sandwiches
with brown walnut bread).  Went to bed at 10:30 pm with a BGM
of 9.5 (took a correction dose) and woke this morning 19.6!!
I have corrected and the problem may be the infusion (I will
check to confirm blood glucose levels falling in a momnet)
but more likely is that it was the bread.  i think I have an
interesting response to Humalog in that if I eat sugar or
white bread I see virtually no rise in blood sugars (ie my
curve for humalog works well for high glycemic index foods)
but with wholemeal bread or high fat meals (or last night a
killer combination of both) the test before bed can be
mis-leading.  Hmm I could set a square wave bolus but that is
a worry when I am going to be sleeping or I cold set the
alarm to wake up a few hours later and test again (not ideal
as I have been a bit of an insomniac recently and waking
myself up on purpose seems harsh).


PS BGM now 10.6 after 90 mins - not an infusion problem!!
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> From: Michael [mailto:email @ redacted]
> Sent: 08 November 2002 18:53
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions
> <snip>
> > Sinead took exception to the statement that
> >
> > 20g of carbohydrate from carrot and 20g of carbohydrate
> > chocolate will have the same overall impact on your blood
> >
> > because 20g of CHO fr. carrots is unrealistic and that
> > evidence-based research shows that they do not have the
same impact
> >
> I would be tempted to ask her if a pound of feathers weighs
as much
> as a pound of lead :-)
> > 4) Do you think thie statement is inaccurate?
> >
> The original statement is accurate. I suspect that the
glycemic index
> of carrots vs chocolate are very different and would have a
> effect on blood sugar (timing). However, that is true for
many foods
> so the statement must be interpreted with care. A better
> perhaps would be two foods that have different volumes, the
same carb
> content and similar glycemic indices. For example: a
tablespoon of
> granulated sugar (~13g) vs a slice of white bread (~14g).
> > 5) If the statements is inaccurate, do you agree with the
> >
> no, too simplistic
> > 6) Do you think this statement is more accurate:
> >
> > For the purposes of determining insulin doses, 20g of
> > from carrots and 20g of carbohydrate from chocolate has
the same
> > impact on your blood sugar
> >
> see above -- pick some other foods and the statements
become more
> meaningful.
> > 7) Have you ever confused portion size/weight with amount
> > carbohydrate (you thought that you'd get 20g of carb from
20g of
> > carrots)?
> >
> > 8) Is the concept of grams of carbohydrate difficult for
people new
> > to carbohydrate counting?
> yes, food weight / carb charts help in understanding as do
> world examples --- like weighing bread instead of believing
> serving size labeling which is frequently incorrect.
> >
> > 10) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your weight
according to the
> > table at www.geocities.com/sastact/insulin_doses.htm ?
> >
> An informal survey conducted a couple of years ago by
Insulin Pumpers
> determined that these charts are good at predicting
averages, but way
> off for most people, particularly kids.
> > 11) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your daily insulin
> > according to the table at
> > www.geocities.com/sastacht/insulin_doses.htm ?
> >
> Michael
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