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Re: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions

In a message dated 11/11/2002 8:15:51 AM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> What is the conversion for weight of bread to CHO?  I used to
> know but have forgotten.  Disaster last night - changed
> infusion at 6 pm, ate at 8:30 pm (2 thick cheese sandwiches
> with brown walnut bread).  Went to bed at 10:30 pm with a BGM
> of 9.5 (took a correction dose) and woke this morning 19.6!!
> I have corrected and the problem may be the infusion (I will
> check to confirm blood glucose levels falling in a momnet)
> but more likely is that it was the bread.  i think I have an
> interesting response to Humalog in that if I eat sugar or
> white bread I see virtually no rise in blood sugars (ie my
> curve for humalog works well for high glycemic index foods)
> but with wholemeal bread or high fat meals (or last night a
> killer combination of both) the test before bed can be
> mis-leading.  Hmm I could set a square wave bolus but that is
> a worry when I am going to be sleeping or I cold set the
> alarm to wake up a few hours later and test again (not ideal
> as I have been a bit of an insomniac recently and waking
> myself up on purpose seems harsh).
Hi Bev,

Bread (and of course there are loads of different kinds!) normally has about 
10 to 15 g CHO per oz (approx 35 - 50 g per 100 g).  White and brown (as 
opposed to wholemeal) breads are usually at the higher end of the scale.  If 
you bake your own you can work out its value from the ubiquitous nutritional 
contents label on the flour, if not then from the same on the loaf.  I find 
the latter to be pretty accurate.  "Cake" type breads - banana bread, etc - 
will probably have more but have added fat which can slow absorption.  Walnut 
bread - if unsweetened (which I believe it usually is) probably has less, but 
the walnuts (and the cheese that went with it) would also slow down 
absorption.  Personally, I'd allow about 12 g carb per oz of bread and use a 
square wave bolus for this kind of meal.

Maybe you'll think I'm old-fashioned (not to mention obsessive-compulsive - 
but we won't go into that...:-)), but I was taught always to weigh high carb 
foods and I still do that when I'm cooking at home - I can manage fine eating 
out etc, was taught the visual portion sizes and so on, but I still find that 
very inaccurate (any tips?).


IDDM 30 yrs, 508 2 yrs
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