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Re: [IPk] Bad Day Today

Dear Pat

Exercise is quite a problem.  I do a lot of heavy gardening particularly at
this time of year.  I have found that I have to turn my basal rate right down
or perhaps suspend pump altogether, but I still go low later or the next day.
I didn't realise that if I was already high I would go higher.  I am not sure
whether I do or not go higher.

I have improved my control during the raining weather when I have been cooped
up in the house.

What do other people do about exercise?

All the best

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In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>I promised you all that I would be honest about the pump trial.  Well, I was
>on such a high yesterday that I thought nothing could possibly go wrong.  I
>was wrong!

Don't get too hung up over what happens in the first week.

Two things are against you: the long acting insulin hangs around for a
few days, confusing things, and mistakes are much harder to rectify
before you've got your basals and boluses sorted out.

Lows are particularly disasterous at the moment, because they screw up
your metabolism for 24hrs - don't make any changes to basals, or any
assumptions about boluses based on what happens on the 24 hrs after a
hypo.  For this reason, we are advised to run high for the first few
weeks, aiming for a flat line rather than good numbers  far better to
flat line at 15 than waving between 4 and 12!).

Some people do seem to manage to get back to work the day after going on
the pump, but their either luckier or cleverer than I am!  Just keep
measuring bgs ever 2 hrs (3 hrs while asleep), recording food, and
making the charts and by the end of two weeks, you will still not be
able to see why you had a bad day today, but you will be having fewer
bad days, and able to explain more and more of them.

Does your daughter walk to school?  I went hypo two days into the trial,
because I didn't know how much exercise walking two miles was!  If she
was already high, and walked, it would put up her bgs, if she's in range
and walks, it may send her hypo.

Best wishes,


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Pat Reynolds
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