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[IPk] RE: Advice on Pumping at School

Hi Barbara,


I hope today has been easier.


I have quite a bit of stuff which I will send you directly.   The school
routine has changed a bit since we started.  At the moment Sam has a BG
test at morning break (10.00 to 10.30) and another one just before lunch
(12.00 to 12.30).  We have given school a guidance chart telling them
what to do depending on his BG level within certain ranges, and to phone
us if he is outside the range.  Sam also does a BG test just before
active things like PE.


Best wishes.





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Hello Andrew

I seem to remember that you had a plan of action for Sam and his pump at
school.  Am I right?  When Danielle was first diagnosed, I downloaded a
school form from Diabetes UK and stuck her photo to it and it showed
what to do in the event of a hypo etc.  Three copies were made (one for
classroom, one for staff room and one to take out on trips).  Now that
treating the hypo is different, I want to retrieve these forms and
replace them with the new information.

What did you do for your school and what is the situation with blood
testing?  How many does Sam do at school, etc?  Is there a maximum and
minium bg level which the teachers know is acceptable and what if it is
outside this range?

I have searched the web for information regarding pump users at school
etc but have found nothing.  


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