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[IPk] Novorapid,Humalog times of durations and pump use

Hi Barbara

I see from your e mail to Andrew that you did mean 3/4 of an hour and not 3
to 4 hours.  Its sometimes the drawback of email that misunderstandings
happen.   Anyway I have just been rooting around and found this link.  If
you scroll down you will come to a paragraph specifically dealing with
Novorapid ( Novolog in the US)  in pumps.

I thought that there was some very good information on this link. You might
have to paste and copy the link because its long.


Humalog and Novolog Insulins

Humalog | Lantus | Action Times | Long Acting Insulin
Insulin Sensitivity | Inhaled Insulins
Humalog. and Novolog. Insulins

by John Walsh, P.A., C.D.E. and Ruth Roberts, M.A.
Humalog, Novolog and Regular Compared
Differences Between Humalog and Novolog
Tips For Fast Insulins
Additional Pump Information
Storage Issues
Clinical Research Findings

Jackie Jacombs
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