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[IPk] Re: Bad Day Today

Hello Andrew and thanks for the in-depth reply.  You wrote:-

I wouldnbt expect Humalog (I assume thatbs what youbre using) to be gone
only 3/4 hour.

Danielle has been prescribed Novorapid and our nurse told us that it should
have done its job by 3/4 hour so I assumed that there would be no insulin on
board after this time and if her bg was still high, I should correct with
another bolus.

Another thought b what did Danielle actually eat that you calculated the 4
units for?  Was it something that digested slowly and therefore peaked after
the insulin was most active?

Well it was a funny night because she had ballet and tap at 4.45 till 6.15 pm
so I gave her ham sandwiches (2 slices) and gave a bolus of 2 units for that
and when she came home she had a baked potato with beans which I estimated at
50 g CHO and gave her 2.5 units.  Her bg rose to 19.6 so I gave her a
correction bolus of 4 units at 8 pm.  As I am writing this I am thinking that
I have definitely gone wrong and I feel so guilty.

are you bolusing before or after Danielle eats?

I am bolusing about 3/4 of the way through the meal because I don't want her
to go too high.

Ibm also a bit surprised that the nurse didnbt suggest that you change the
infusion set when Danielle went up to 28.9

She did suggest that but in the meantime Danielle had responded to the
correction bolus afterwards and came down to 18.5 so we set a temporary basal
rate to 0.5 units per hour for the next 4 hours (she is normally on 0.3) and
she came down to 8.2 an hour later.

We have just tested her blood and she is 13 but I am not going to do a
correction because of last night.  I will see if the rate of 0.2 through the
night on basal is enough to bring her to a decent level in the morning.
Danielle always goes low at night so that is why the night time basal rate is
starting at 0.2.

Thanks again

Babs x
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