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Re: [IPk] Bad Day Today


So sorry to hear all this. It must be so distressing for all of you when
everything had got off to such a good start.
As you know, Charlie started at the same time and although all is going
well, it is clearly not plain sailing. He's woken up twice Lo and King's
have had problems with speaking to him each day at school - pagers and phone
lines being down. It is SO frustrating not being around to help control
things, but I know hoe much he wants to be independent. I'm going to be very
brave and ask the Head if Charlie can have a mobile (against school rules) -
so that Kings can reach him and I can check each bedtime what his sugar
levels are -  (or am I being paranoid as the school nurse does that already
and they are brill...?)

Another small prob, the cannula came out whilst he was swimming today.
Strange because they have stayed in during very long baths at home..

Having said all this, Charlie is completely thrilled being on a pump and
feels 'normal' (quote).


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> Hello everyone
> I promised you all that I would be honest about the pump trial.  Well, I
> on such a high yesterday that I thought nothing could possibly go wrong.
> was wrong!
> It all started at tea time last night when I over-treated her meal.  I
> counted the carbohydrate and then gave her 4 units.  The insulin is
> to have done its job and gone around 3/4 hour so I thought I was safe when
> she went to bed.  She dropped to 1.8.
> I wasn't as bothered about that than I was about what happened today.  OK,
> was scarey but I dealt with it and she actually remembers it which meant
> was aware a bit.  The good thing about being on the pump is that she
> need to eat as well to sustain her blood sugar level; she just needed the
> sugary drink.  Well, she rebounded and this morning she was 16.8.  I
> so bothered because I could do a correction bolus and a bolus for her
> breakfast, but I was worried because she wanted to go back to school today
> and wouldn't hear of having another day off, so I let her go.  Before she
> went to school she was 20.9 but I didn't do a correction because I was
> leaving her at school and wouldn't be able to monitor what was happening
> close enough.
> I went into school at 12 noon while she was eating her sandwiches and
> her blood.  It was 24.9.  I gave her a correction bolus of 3.0 and then
> an hour later, I gave her a meal bolus of 2.0.  At 1 o'clock, I tested her
> blood again and it was 28.9 so I brought her home.  The pump nurse (who
> all day regularly for the results) recommended that I increase the basal
> from 0.3 to 0.5 for 4 hours and also correct with another bolus.  This
> out well and she has gone to bed at 9 o'clock with a reading of 9.9.
> We also changed the site tonight and tried the sof-set.  She became very
> distressed with it because she tried 4 or 5 times to get the needle into
> skin manually and it would pierce but wouldn't go right in so Pete tried
> on him and found the same problem.  We went back to the silhouette because
> have had no problems with that one so it wasn't worth changing anything
> us.
> I am shattered.  All I have done today is test blood and make notes in the
> diary, hang around school and watch Countdown!
> I'm not giving up yet though.
> Babs x
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