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Re: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions

> Sinead took exception to the statement that
> 20g of carbohydrate from carrot and 20g of carbohydrate from
> chocolate will have the same overall impact on your blood sugar
> because 20g of CHO fr. carrots is unrealistic and that
> evidence-based research shows that they do not have the same impact

I would be tempted to ask her if a pound of feathers weighs as much 
as a pound of lead :-)
> 4) Do you think thie statement is inaccurate?
The original statement is accurate. I suspect that the glycemic index 
of carrots vs chocolate are very different and would have a different 
effect on blood sugar (timing). However, that is true for many foods 
so the statement must be interpreted with care. A better example 
perhaps would be two foods that have different volumes, the same carb 
content and similar glycemic indices. For example: a tablespoon of 
granulated sugar (~13g) vs a slice of white bread (~14g).

> 5) If the statements is inaccurate, do you agree with the reasons?
no, too simplistic

> 6) Do you think this statement is more accurate:
> For the purposes of determining insulin doses, 20g of carbohydrate
> from carrots and 20g of carbohydrate from chocolate has the same
> impact on your blood sugar
see above -- pick some other foods and the statements become more 
> 7) Have you ever confused portion size/weight with amount of
> carbohydrate (you thought that you'd get 20g of carb from 20g of
> carrots)?
> 8) Is the concept of grams of carbohydrate difficult for people new
> to carbohydrate counting?

yes, food weight / carb charts help in understanding as do real 
world examples --- like weighing bread instead of believing the 
serving size labeling which is frequently incorrect.

> 10) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your weight according to the
> table at www.geocities.com/sastact/insulin_doses.htm ?
An informal survey conducted a couple of years ago by Insulin Pumpers 
determined that these charts are good at predicting averages, but way 
off for most people, particularly kids.

> 11) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your daily insulin intake
> according to the table at
> www.geocities.com/sastacht/insulin_doses.htm ?

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