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[IPk] survey: carb-related questions

Hi there -

A dietician reviewed my materials for my presentation on the 17th at the DFI 
AGM. She made a few comments for changes that I want to run by diabetics, 
because of course what they say in the clinic and what happens in the real 
world are two different things! But before I ask, first a public thanks you 
to Sinead Power, dietician in Limerick Regional General, for taking the time 
to read and comment on my materials. I recommend her as a forward-thinking 
dietician who is aware of and interested in pumps.


1) Do you ever pay attention to portion size while using a pump(eg, 'I am 
eating one and a half portions of bread)?

2) Did you pay attention to portion size on injections?

3) Is portion size important to you as a pumper?

4) Which is more imporatant: portion size or carb value?


Sinead took exception to the statement that

20g of carbohydrate from carrot and 20g of carbohydrate from chocolate will 
have the same overall impact on your blood sugar

because 20g of CHO fr. carrots is unrealistic and that evidence-based 
research shows that they do not have the same impact

4) Do you think thie statement is inaccurate?

5) If the statements is inaccurate, do you agree with the reasons?

6) Do you think this statement is more accurate:

For the purposes of determining insulin doses, 20g of carbohydrate from 
carrots and 20g of carbohydrate from chocolate has the same impact on your 
blood sugar

7) Have you ever confused portion size/weight with amount of carbohydrate 
(you thought that you'd get 20g of carb from 20g of carrots)?

8) Is the concept of grams of carbohydrate difficult for people new to 
carbohydrate counting?

10) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your weight according to the table at 
www.geocities.com/sastact/insulin_doses.htm ?

11) Does your insulin-carb ratio match your daily insulin intake according 
to the table at www.geocities.com/sastacht/insulin_doses.htm ?

I'd especially appreciate input from people who learned carb counting later 
in their diabetic life because I learned carb counting the week after I was 
diagnosed, so I don't know how non-carb counting diabetics think!

If you would rather reply off list, please do.

Thanks all.


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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