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Re: [IPk] OUSU Diabetes Network

Hi Melissa,

Dr Eleanor Kennedy, Research Manager from Diabetes UK did an excellent 
research talk for our support group recently. Other talks we've had this 
year include: When and how to use Glucagon (OK you won't be in a position to 
administer it, but you can advise others how to); Reps from both Pump 
companies, John Davis from Input; Reps from various meter companies and the 
usual, Opthamologist, Podiatrist. Planning for Medtronic to come and show 
the Continuous Glucose Monitor, and a talk on the Glycemic Index just after 

It's great that you're getting this off the ground - well done.


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>Subject: [IPk] OUSU Diabetes Network
>Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 11:24:55 -0600
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>Hey y'all,
>I met with the Vice-President (Welfare) of the Oxford University Student 
>Union (OUSU) today, and the OUSU Diabetes Network now exists. Posters are 
>going out to all the colleges and all the GPs in town later this week. I'll 
>work on getting flyers out to the chemists in the next three weeks. Here's 
>hoping for lots of e-mail and voice-mail in the next few weeks or so...!
>If anyone who has been through the process of diagnosis and initial patient 
>education in the past 10 years or so can think of some topics likely to be 
>of interest to potential OUSU DN meeting attendees, I'd be more than glad 
>to hear them. I will sure as heck talk about the pump, and I have thought 
>about getting some people I know to come in and talk about islet cell 
>implantation, but I don't know what other topics (oh, other than 
>carb-counting and how to drink alcohol wisely! Can't forget those 
>'classics'!) are likely to be news to people aged 18-30ish. There are 
>something like 11,000 undergrads and 5,000 postgrads in the University, so 
>it's quite possible I'll have some people over 24 in the group. I'm hoping 
>for staff to get involved too. I'm thinking that a link with Oxford Brookes 
>is very much in order as well. I hope that some local residents will see 
>posters and contact me as well.  Any possible target groups I haven't 
>thought of?
>Thanks for any input,
>wish me luck,
>IDDM 8+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; Co-ordinator, OUSU Diabetes Network 
>5 hours
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