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[IPk] RE: A weight has been lifted!

Hi Barbara,


That's great news!  Well done to all of you - I know it's a "team"
effort.  Keep up the good work.


Lizzy - I hope this encourages you.  We are 15 months down the line and
have never looked back.


Best wishes.




Father of Sam, aged 8, dx Aug 1996

Minimed 508 Aug 2001


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Hello everyone

I know most of you know that Danielle has had insulin connected to her
pump today at hospital and you are probably waiting to hear how things
have gone.  Well, I can't find words to describe how we feel.  The only
way I can describe it is that when I got rushed into hospital in agony
earlier this year and was eventually given morphine, the rush and relief
of pain was fantastic and I could close my eyes and rest for a moment.
Those of you with children on pumps will know what I mean.  Honestly,
it's true!

We were at the hospital for 3 1/2 hours and all the DSNs were present,
the consultant and two of his students.  The doctor asked me to sit at
his desk and I showed everyone how to fill the reservoir and attach
everything to Danielle who was standing posing next to the desk!  I
wasn't expecting so many people who wanted to see the pump and learn
about it. (Danielle is the first in the area).  I can tell you that my
hands were shaking just a bit).

I promised Danielle a present so we went toy shopping and home.  I got
home later than I wanted, rushed into the kitchen, said "Danielle, will
you have a sausage sandwich and yoghurt or penguin biscuit?".  The pump
nurse was due to ring me to get the blood sugar results and tell me what
to bolus for her tea, so I was in a sort of panic.  I quickly added up
the carbohydrate and bolused.  I asked Danielle "How does it feel to be
able to sit down and eat without having your injection first?" and she
laughed "Great Mum.  I don't feel diabetic any more."

What more can I say?

Lots of love
Barbara (D for 29 yrs, non-pumper)
Mum to Danielle (D since Aug 2001, new pumper)
loads more in family.....
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