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Re: [IPk] A weight has been lifted!

> Hello everyone
> I know most of you know that Danielle has had insulin connected to
> her pump today at hospital and you are probably waiting to hear how
> things have gone.  Well, I can't find words to describe how we feel.
> Those of you with children on
> pumps will know what I mean.  Honestly, it's true!
> Danielle said:"
>....she laughed "Great Mum.  I don't
> feel diabetic any more."

well let me see.... In the first week that Lily was on the pump I 
found out that .....
A hot fudge sundae is 65 grams
peanut butter cups (here favorite candy) are 15 grams for 2
.... need I say more :-))
She told me this summer (7 years after starting on the pump) that 
somtimes she forgets she has diabetes, I was so pleased I almost 

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