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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #251

Nanette wrote about her recently-dagnosed type II mother:

Evidently I didnt write this clearly - they expected her to have
altered her diet, rather than losing significant amount of weight, and
thus impacted on BG - but how could she really alter her diet
appropriately with so little dietary knowledge???


How will a fortnight make that much of a difference? Her diet is probably 
already like the diet they recommend! They're missing part of the picture 
here, which is weight loss. You're mam is aging and overweight: likely 
there's a combination of factors that are raising her BGs: possibly under 
production of insulin, certainly weight, likely insulin resistance (can any 
of the GPs offer advice on type II in an older population to Nanette?). The 
picture for someone of this age is too complex to be changed by a fortnight 
of a difference - and even then, I think she would have had to go on a 
protein & veg (no starch) only diet to make a significant difference!

An exercise suggestion: would your mam be able to go for a gentle walk for 
twenty minutes a day, or build up to 20 minutes a day? Regular gentle 
exercise, particularly after a meal, can help lower BGs.


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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