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Re: [IPk] Bad infusion sites

In a message dated 11/4/2002 9:32:52 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> What I do notice is that I find that bad sets come in clumps.  So in 18
> months of pumping, I've had I think five or six failures, one on its
> own, and the others in clumps.
> It makes me suspect that there's something wrong with batches of sets.
> Or maybe not wrong, but that some need more vigorous lubricating than I
> give, or something.

Hi Pat (and all),

  Interesting!  I use Sof-sets, but the same thing has happened to me several 
times.  I thought it was just me, doing something like tensing up 
subconsciously so the set went in at the wrong angle or kinked, etc. - and I 
do recognise that when I've had a bad set I'm often a bit worried about the 
next one.  But it's funny how things suddenly go back to normal after several 
bad sets without any apparent intervention on my part (did I just stop doing 
something?...) - and why do I still get these episodes in runs (I'm 
discounting the occasional sporadic one, which is acceptable) after months of 
confident usage?  I think we should all keep an eye on this.  Don't want to 
get silly about it or make too much of one observation - but if enough of us 
appear to be experiencing similar problems, it might be worth further 

Pat, along with Di I don't understand what you mean by "lubricating" your set 
- do you mean getting the reservoir loosened up by pushing it back and forth 
before it's filled with insulin, or do you mean priming your skin? Or 
something else?

  I posted you a query about your experiences last April with diabetic 
equipment at Guernsey airport.  I do hope you didn't mind, I realise that you 
found it very unpleasant.  If you feel able to reply here or off list I'd 
really appreciate it.


IDDM 30+, pumper 2 yrs
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