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Re: [IPk] Bad infusion sites

Hi Pat
> They raise them by far more than their protein would suggest.  Beans of
> all kinds do this too (significant cho in some beans, too...).

How interesting. I eat mussels so rarely I've never noticed. But nuts do that 
to me, unlike cheese.

> Cheese, nuts, and other sources of protein don't have that effect.  I
> guessed that maybe it was a high % of calories from protein that was the
> problem, but adding a lot of grated cheese to baked beans on toast, or
> choosing a cream sauce vs a white wine sauce for the mussels has very
> little difference (a slight flattening/extending, as would be expected,
> by adding that much fat).
> >And how do you lubricate a set? Or do you mean that the reservoir plunger
> > is sticking?
> To lubricate the set, you wiggle and twist the plunger in the syringe.
> Apparently the lubricant dries out/ settles, and you have to do this, or
> it sticks.  Having once forgotten to wiggle and twist, and seen what
> happened, I imagine that sometimes, with old sets, I might not do it
> enough.

Oh, you *do* mean lubricate the reservoir, not the set. I see now.
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