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Re: [IPk] Re: Heather's son's pump funding refusal

Hi Barbara,
Our requets for funding have been made to the PCT itself. The intial request 
was submitted by our GP to the PCT. When that was rejected both consultants 
also wrote. We haven't tried other sources of financing it yet, partly 
because I believe very strongly that is should be funded by the PCT, and, I 
did want to follow the correct procedure. Our MP has written on our behalf. 
John Davis is also going to write.
I've written to Diabetes UK today to ask them to support their position 
statement and to send a copy of that, if nothing else, to the PCT.
I know some families have got the press involved and that appears to have 
worked. I'd very much prefer not to have to do that but equally I'm appalled 
at the inequality of the situation.

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>Subject: [IPk] Re: Heather's son's pump funding refusal
>Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 09:42:45 EST
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>In a message dated 05/11/2002 14:25:21 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted
> > I am fairly beside myself with this now, and would very much appreciate 
> >
> > help.
> >
>Hello Heather
>I really do feel sorry for you and it is very noticable in your message 
>you are feeling deflated to say the least.  I hope someone on this list can
>offer you some advice. One question I have for you is who did you write to
>initially for funding?  Did you ever consider/have you contacted your local
>Round Table?
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