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[IPk] Request for help - please!

Hi everyone,

I have just heard today, via my MP that our PCT has again turned down our 
application for funding for Sam's insulin pump.

This dsepite, their awareness of the draft of the NICE guidelines. I am 
being faced with the response that it 'is not an established 
intervention....especially at such a young age' and that the PCT can not 
fund 'an experimental treatment in the absence of strong local professional 
support'. Both my original consultant who made the referral to Harrogate and 
the consultant at Harrogate have both written in support of our application.

Yes, I've been in touch with John Davis, who provided me with lots of 
paediatric references which were great. I do accept that there is little 
recent evidence - it's the chicken and egg scenario. As a generalisation, 
they won't prescribe the pump for young children because there isn't enough 
evidence - well how are they going to get the evidence without using it? I'm 
probably being very naive so do feel to correct me.

I am fairly beside myself with this now, and would very much appreciate some 

Heather Bowler

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