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Re: [IPk] OUSU Diabetes Network

Dear Melissa

Well Done!

What about the "closed loop" system.  Don't know much about it.  My consultant
who is involved in some way said that it is nearer than I thought - what ever
that means.  There must be someone out there who is in the know and could talk
about it.

All the best


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Hey y'all,

I met with the Vice-President (Welfare) of the Oxford University Student
Union (OUSU) today, and the OUSU Diabetes Network now exists. Posters are
going out to all the colleges and all the GPs in town later this week. I'll
work on getting flyers out to the chemists in the next three weeks. Here's
hoping for lots of e-mail and voice-mail in the next few weeks or so...!

If anyone who has been through the process of diagnosis and initial patient
education in the past 10 years or so can think of some topics likely to be
of interest to potential OUSU DN meeting attendees, I'd be more than glad to
hear them. I will sure as heck talk about the pump, and I have thought about
getting some people I know to come in and talk about islet cell
implantation, but I don't know what other topics (oh, other than
carb-counting and how to drink alcohol wisely! Can't forget those
'classics'!) are likely to be news to people aged 18-30ish. There are
something like 11,000 undergrads and 5,000 postgrads in the University, so
it's quite possible I'll have some people over 24 in the group. I'm hoping
for staff to get involved too. I'm thinking that a link with Oxford Brookes
is very much in order as well. I hope that some local residents will see
posters and contact me as well.  Any possible target groups I haven't
thought of?

Thanks for any input,
wish me luck,

IDDM 8+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; Co-ordinator, OUSU Diabetes Network
5 hours

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