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[IPk] Monitoring

Hi Everyone,

      I've read everyones mail and I am going to kick up a stink, firstly
though a couple of things, I am paying for my own pump and some supplies as
funding was halted for a while and I took the decision to buy my own pump as I
felt I was being toyed with.
     As to changing GPs in the area I am in its virtually impossible to change
GP no one is taking any new patients and without sounding racist we have been
inundated with immigrants which have registered, I have been with my GP since
1989 and have a good rapour with both doctors and this is the first conflict I
have had over anything. I dont think its actually possible to register outside
a certain encatchment area.
     As to hospitals I have attended this one since I was born I know it like
the back of my hand and it is only a mile away the nearest after that is about
7 miles away which would not be conveinient and has a worse reputation than
mine. I hope I dont sound like i am making excuses, also if I had to be
admitted it would be the hospital that I am at now.
     Someone mentioned in a mail about conditions, I also have several
conditions and do have a large medication regime which is why i find all the
blood testing so important.
     I would like some advice on how to approach DiaBuk as firstly i dont't
want to sound as if Its only me complaining I want to represent a group of us,
who should I approach, and what am I complaining about, its not just cutting
down blood testing is it, its about lack of understanding from consultants
down to dieticians and also diabetic magazines not promoting pump thereapy and
     Lastly since all this happened I have been so upset my sugars have been
upto 24.4 and also I have had several hypos last nights being a real doody
with a couple of minors today, what would I do testing 2.5 times a day?, (how
do you do a half test?.....answers on a postcard to..........)

Best regards

Dave. :-(
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