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Re: [IPk] Help

I would be very surprised if the instructions which came with the pump did
not warn you to keep the pump away from  radio transmitters.

A mobile phone is a comparatively powerful radio transmitter - they
interfere with other products and using mobile phones in petrol stations and
stone quarries where explosives are kept is banned. This is also the reason
why much research into mobile phone tumors is under way.

There is very little that can be done to prevent this kind of interference,
without making a cumbersome pump.

And it isnt static, its radio waves.

Note that the phone intermittently transmits even when ytou arent using it -
this is so the cell system knows where you are and can ring you up when
someone wants to talk to you.

Cheers, K

> Have you had your pump anywhere near a mobile phone?? I am that person who
> discovered that they cause electronic errors in Disetronic pumps (and I
> suspect that Minimed pumps would be affected in the same way).
> The static could cause a similar alarm...
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