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Re: [IPk] Which is worse - critical of control or apathy?


>I already feel as though I'm a thorn in the hospital team's side. Having 
>re-launched a support group for parents of children with DM and established 
>a programme which has fed my thirst for more knowledge, I am aware that as a 
>result, they've been under a lot more pressure. I do feel that I'm 
>responsible for unsettling some people who have then returned to hospital 
>asking for more. It would appear that my increasing knowledge and the 
>knowledge of others is undermining their superiority. As I've said 
>previously, I've been told that I should be grateful, after all there are 
>places which are much worse off. It's back to that bottom line again isn't 
>Heather B.

I can relate to this paragraph of your email!  I believe the team at our
local hospital felt threatened by our 'children's support group's
gathering of knowledge and after a while the members of the group got
individual letters from the consultant slapping our wrists for, amongst
other things, 'scaring parents' and that the hospital would no longer
introduce parents and children to the group.  In the end, we disbanded
the official support group and a handful of us just meet up informally
from time to time. 

As a single parent I feel sad that the situation happened (closing the
support group).  It was invaluable to me, and now there must be other
parents in a similar situation who now have no support.

Out of the six of us who still keep in touch, only two still go to our
local hospital.  

I could get on my soap box about this subject, but I'll leave it there
for now!

Alison Orchard
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