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Re: [IPk] Airports again...

Just a really bad experience that got worse, really!  Started with them
demanding that I give them my syringe (shows how much they know about
diabetes!), and moved on to them demanding my blood glucose monitor.  I
guess it is partly 'my fault' as their declaration notice required that
I notify of syringes (UK and other civilised places either don't mention
syringes, or specifically say 'don't mention syringes for personal
medical use' (think about it - would you rather travel on a plane where
a potential hijacker knew where the sharps are, or where they don't?)

The sillier thing is, they didn't see the pump, and I didn't tell them
about it, so I got on the plane minus 1 syringe (with a tiny needle),
but with three infusion sets with inserter needles twice as long!).

I would not go back to Guernsey (without a hidden camera). 

I don't think it's a suitable place for diabetics to visit, if they have
to be back on the mainland (if you are prepared to wait for a storm
subside and go back by ferry, that's a different matter).

You might also want to assess the security risks.  I think Guernsey
airport security is still a privatised affair.  They don't understand
that their priority is achieving passenger security. They think their
priority is applying the rules. The fact that they don't understand the
rules, and may not know them, is a security risk, to my mind.

I didn't complain at the time as I was too upset, and then too busy.

Best wishes,


cc Guernsey Tourism into this, so they can see what bad press they're

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>Hi Pat,
>Was going to mail this to you off list, but couldn't access your address 
>(memo - sort filing system...) but guess it could be useful to other pumpers.
>I'm sorry if this brings back bad memories.  Please feel free to e-mail me 
>off list.
>We hope to visit Guernsey next Spring and would really appreciate your 
>comments on the horrid experience you had at the airport (we can at least see 
>if things have changed - and if not, have another go at changing them...)
>Best wishes,
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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