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[IPk] Which is worse - critical of control or apathy?

I don't think the medical staff at my hospital have actually been critical 
of our lack of control which is a bonus from what I've read in this 
discussion group. Rather more worryingly, they have been critical of us 
'trying too hard' and apparently apathetical about the yard stick of my 
son's HbA1c. What they have done, rather brilliantly is ensure that I could 
see a psychologist (because of course I am the one who is mentally unhinged, 
being concerned about my son) She has been working on establishing that 
Diabetes is not the bete noire that I think it is. Until I was in a position 
to do something constructive (by Sam starting to use a pump) of course it 
was, because it ruled our lives (I believe I shouldn't be admitting to 

I have written to Diabetes UK about their policy statement on Pump Therapy, 
asking them to update it and re-phrase it. I have been able to comment on 
their slightly re-hashed statement and it is awaiting sign off.

I have also written to them about the appalling presentation of CSII, the 
mis-information about research, MDI, carbohydrate counting and other rubbish 
that was spouted on the Diabetes UK family weekend in September (also rather 
un-P.C. I complained about the staff who, in the majority were over-weight, 
many smoked and certainly were not up to speed on a vast range of subjects). 
The Senior DSN for example couldn't remember what DCCT stood for.

I have written to my hospital management asking about the service which is 
provided and was fobbed off with a less than satisfactory response. Rather 
pathetically, because I'm still at that hospital I didn't pursue it -yes, 
Tony, I didn't want it to backfire.

I already feel as though I'm a thorn in the hospital team's side. Having 
re-launched a support group for parents of children with DM and established 
a programme which has fed my thirst for more knowledge, I am aware that as a 
result, they've been under a lot more pressure. I do feel that I'm 
responsible for unsettling some people who have then returned to hospital 
asking for more. It would appear that my increasing knowledge and the 
knowledge of others is undermining their superiority. As I've said 
previously, I've been told that I should be grateful, after all there are 
places which are much worse off. It's back to that bottom line again isn't 

I shall write to Diabetes UK about hospital policies; how they can be 
influenced, altered and, about my own specific problems. I shall, of course 
let you know what the response is.

Heather B.

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