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[IPk] Taking control of my BGs

Hi everyone

I had to join in with the "wanting to take control of my BGs" debate.

I generally worked my own version of DAFNE right from when I started on MDI,
in my teens.  Any poor HbA1cs were perceived by the clinic and by me to be my
own fault.  I decided to stop carb counting a few years ago because it was "no
longer recommended".  But, somehow, I still expected to keep control.  I would
still eat according to appetite, and plan to correct highs at the next
injection.  In my opinion, BG tests were more pesky than injections and merely
served to prove how badly I was doing, so I only tested once or twice a day,
and sometimes went for several days without testing at all.  I felt that lack
of BG control was the worst thing about diabetes.  What a confused mindset!

My DSN suggested I think about pumping because of bad BG swings, partly due to
lipohypertrophy.  That same day, as a kind of consideration of whether I
should pump or not, I started testing 4+ times per day.  I was shocked at how
much my BGs swung between high and low.  Once I had started testing 4+ times a
day, I was no longer comfortable with any less.  I had never realised how
badly controlled I was, as my HbA1cs were not too awful, but obviously didn't
reflect the swings.

I only found this commitment to glycaemic control once I realised how bad it
used to be.  On pumping, the added incentive is that its so much easier to
make accurate calculations and target an exact BG level.  Also, BG testing now
shows me how well I'm doing!

Steve, I would say show your daughter the pump brochures.  They have a lot of
positive blurb about flexible lifestyle, and like I was, she might be curious
to see what her current control is like throughout the day.  No one had ever
told me that MDI might for some people be a poor compromise in treatment

Good luck to everyone who is struggling with GPs or clinics re pumping and
testing.  I'm very lucky: my clinic suggested the pump and have been very
supportive, and my GP understands the need for frequent BG testing, and even
want to help my application to the PCT for funding.

Best wishes

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 1 month

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