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Re: [IPk] Funding of pumps and consumables

> I have heard stories that if you apply at your local job centre stating
> that you are in danger of loosing your job due to the instability of your
> day to day diabetic control (and if this statement is supported by a letter
> from your health care professionals) and that if your company are willing
> to support you to the tune of #300.00 (assuming you are in employment),
> that there is a fund called "Access to Work", this fund so I've been told
> may be able to pay for all but the #300.00 your employer has to fund.
> Unfortunately I was not aware of this help (assuming that the above is
> correct) at the time of purchasing my pump.

Strangely enough I was at a Disability Discrimination conference last week 
where the subject of Access to Work came up a lot. I got help from them to 
buy equipment for work because I'm registered blind.
They do deal with people with DM quite a lot - but mainly for things to do 
with e.g. driving for work, and people who have to take a lot of time off for 
ill health. To qualify for Access to Work you pretty much need to be 
considered disabled under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) - which 
menas you must have
- a substantial physical or mental impairment (debatable for DM in 
- it must be long-term (fine for DM)
- and it must severely affect your ability to carry out normal day-to-day 
activities (debatable for DM in general....)

Then, to qualify for funding from Access to Work, the equipment you are 
requesting must be specifically for your work. So pumps and pump funding 
can't really be considered in that category, unless there's a very specific 
reason why you need a pump for work.
So I guess there may be one or two cases where people might be able to get 
help, but in general it's very unlikely.

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