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Re: [IPk] Medisense SoftSense/Sof-Tact

> I might be getting a bit confused though (I blame going blond and having a
> baby!)
> Gaye
Well Gaye, having a baby wouldn't do that.....

I've never been the best glucose tester, but I'm doing more tests now than
ever. I have found that finer lancets, in a device with adjustable depth
gives me most comfort. I've tried a few 'alternative site' lancets, and I
even tried a laser lancet once in the US! I had to turn up the power, and
when I did get blood out it really stung! There was even a puff of smoke as
a bit of my flesh disintegrated!

My basic message is, stick to what we are doing well, which for now is a
good quality lancet. Use other sites if your fingers are really in trouble,
and when you are fed up, think back to the days before spring-loaded lancets
(you just had to stick the lancet into your finger), or forward to the
Trekkie technique. Fazers on BURN!

Tony O'Sullivan
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