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Re: [IPk] exercise and insulin

On Wednesday 28 November 2001 11:30, you wrote:
> am still finding problems getting correct basal before during and after a 1
> hour run. i lower the basal from 1 to 0.6 then have to put it up to 1.2
> after.is this good?sometimes my sugars go low during exercise then rise
> afterwards. ----------------------------------------------------------

Hi Amanda
Basically if it works for you, do it! Doesn't matte how strange it might 
But here's a tip I discovered after a lot of trial and error.
I was doing the same thing - finding I went low during the exercise and then 
high later, when reducing my insulin before and during the exercise. I then 
had to take an extra bolus or raise the basal when I had finished. I'm 
beginning to find that the reason for this was that I was not reducing my 
basal early enough before the exercise - thereby causing the low - and that I 
was decreasing the basal for too long - thereby causing the high afterwards.
What I now do is to decrease starting from about an hour before (or decrease 
from half an hour before and take some extra carbs) and then revert back to 
the normal basal about halfway through the exercise (or even sometimes at the 
beginning of the exercise). That way I don't usually need any extra insulin 
when I've finished. 
If you're going low and then high, it's very likely that this could work for 
you too.
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