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[IPk] Re: bent needles

Hi Vic,

Are you using plastic cannulae or needles? - the SofSets have plastic ones.
I too had major problems with bent plastic cannulae in my first few months
of pumping, members of this group and Ray from MiniMed gave me some ideas
which  have helped.  Some of those ideas: if you're tense when  you insert
the SofSet, it may well "bounce off" the muscle underneath - make sure
you're in a position where you generally and your muscles are relaxed before
you insert the needle, whatever method you use; once inserted, before you
withdraw the blue needle make sure that the "wings" on either side are held
down firmly (if you don't do this, the cannula can kink inside or outside

I am quite muscular, and if I insert over a muscular site the cannula will
often bend or come out if I put stress on the site - for example, when I was
helping with lifting a heavy object recently the cannula at my abdominal
site "popped" out! - you other members of the group who are more athletic
than I am don't seem to have had this problem, but it's worth bearing in
mind. (and any advice from other members appreciated !)

Hope this helps
If you still have problems after a few more attempts, I may be able to help
(I had problems for months, but things seem to be OK now).


Hey - a whole year's Pumping!!!
> Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 20:47:04 -0000
> From: "Vic Brooks" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] bent needles
> hi can you help what am I doing wrong  when I insert my silhouette  or
> sof-set  I am bending the needles  can anybody give me advice on how the
> way to insert   I have been injecting for 40 years but I seem to be doing
> something wrong with this sort of equipment            vic
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