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Re: [IPk] Accucheck meter

Hello Di,

     I've looked for the info to this pump but to no avail, their site is
also currently under construction.
but I've recently bought a new meter, I have used the glucotrend 2 for ages
which is also accu-chek by Roche,
 but now I have the "Accu-chek Active" also not on their website.
     Its fairly small about a milky way chocolate bar size, auto on/off, a
large clear screen, 200 test memory, free liftime batteries, and infrared
download to PC the software comes separately.
     The 200 memory seems good, I havn't used the software yet as I am
finishing my old glucotrend sticks first, but the thing I thinK the girlies
in the group and probably the men, is the the trendy mobile phone type case
which holds the meter, pricker, sticks etc altogether its all very compact,
and it was only 15 pounds from my local chemist, it was advertised in the
last edition of Diabetes uk
Daves Verdict 9/10

     Just thought I'd let you all know today was my eye appointment, the
first for a year as the doctors said last year that the pump had improved my
diabetes and for the first time in 16 years I didn't need laser treatment so
they decided to leave me a year, and guess what "the appointment was
cancelled" (I've mentioned all the other cancelled appointments in the past)
I just laughed the girl was very appologetic and said "we'll book you
another appointment" I replied "I'll just get my calender" her reply was
"I'm sorry well ring or post one as we havn't any forseeable appointments at
the moment".
    You just have to laugh otherwise I would cry I just can't believe Whipps
Cross Hospital, so here I am with a fair few of the unpleasent complications
and not one appointment to see anyone, I can see now thats why the waiting
lists are getting shorter there is no appointments to wait for.

     I'm hoping to buy my own D-Tron within the next couple of weeks, after
enjoying a much better quality of life on th H-tron over the last 2 years,
could anyone shed some light on what other pointers I can look forward to on
the newer version, especially if you have upgraded from one to the other.

Best regards

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