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[IPk] Re: unexpected bg results (formerly - Severe hypo -my fault)

Di wrote:
<My Bg had been normal all day. I went to my dance class. BG of about 6. 
After an hour my Bg had shot up to 18! Very unusual, as it's normally more 
like 5 after an hour's class, but I had done less dancing than I normally do. 
I took 4 units of Humalog.  Half an hour later I started to feel shaky. 
Tested again, BG 3.5. . . . . . 
I'm guessing that for some reason the high was caused by the insulin not 
absorbed properly, and then when I injected the next 4 units the old insulin 
was absorbed as well as the new, and it all worked at once.>

Perhaps you may be right about the insulin not being absorbed properly, but 
this does seem strange since there was no problem earlier with absorption and 
then again later when you think it may have corrected itself. There is 
another possibility. Glucose meters are not always accurate. For example, I 
recently had a test result of 2.8 which was totally unexpected. Upon 
retesting, I got a result of 4.3. This may not seem like much of a difference 
but in fact it is a 35% difference. A 35% difference from your bg result of 
18 would actually be 12. And as a result, you may have overcompensated with 
your extra insulin that you took rather than the insulin suddenly being 
reabsorbed as normal.

This is just a thought, but I think it is always a good idea to retest 
whenever you get unexpected results.

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