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Re: [IPk] Air bubble nightmare!!!

>Try this. First, as you have to inject air first, say you want 2 ml (200
>units), just inject 1 ml into the vial, then with the bottle uppermost, let
>the insulin trickle into the reservoir SLOWLY. Try to get the base covered
>without any bubbles left over.

Tony - I've just refilled my pump by the O'Sullivan method, and it worked
very well. Thank you :-)

I'd never thought of pushing the air in and sucking the insulin out in
several goes...

I'm not yet convinced I understand fully why I sometimes have trouble, and
sometimes don't. I usually (but not always) store my current bottle at room
temperature. Could it be that the cartridge and insulin should ideally be
at identical temperature - ie stored in the same cupboard, and not in
different parts of the room? A barmaid friend told me she was taught to wet
the Coke glass before pouring to stop it fizzing.


PS D-TRON users don't necessarily get this problem, as they can  use
prefilled Humalog pen cartridges. The MiniMed Paradigm, with a similar
facility, is scheduled for release next year but I hear there are still
technical probs to be solved.

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