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Re: [IPk] Severe hypo -my fault

Hiya Carmel,

I have had similar experiences when using a temporary basal rate to combat
an infection - if the infection clears up overnight, the result can be as
you described.  I tend to use a % temporary rate, and drop it overnight.

Are Minimed pumps very different from Disetronic - I have 4 units/hour at
some points overnight (0400-0500) but 1.2 at others - it has confused me
that you set a temporary rate of 12 units/hour - I would have given myself a
bolus of about 6 units, and then put my basal rate up to say 130% overnight
if my sugar was up to 20 (and then had an extra bolus if it didn't seem to
be coming down).

Does your husband know how to turn the pump off?  I have told the children
just to pull the canula out if they can't wake me (the eldest is only 8) and
think that that would be Boz's reaction too - even though he went on the
training with me!

Finally, don't forget that a hypo like that takes a while to recover from,
so have a lazy weekend!

Take care,

Kate Clapham
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