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[IPk] Severe hypo -my fault

Yesterday morning my husband could not arouse me from a severe hypo and called an ambulance. I never have unconscious hypos but when I got the pump I told him where the Glucagon was and instructed him on how to give it but he panicked and forgot all about it. I dont remember any of it but my bg was 1mmol/litre apparently. When I came round I naturally refused hospital transfer and slept it off for most of the morning. I could not understand why it had happened but when I later heard my pump bleep I realised it was on a temp basal rate and looked at the rate .It was at 12units per hour! and had been from the night before when my blood sugar was in the 20s and I had given a dose by injection to bring it down and set it to the max basal rate of 12 only instead of for 1 hr as i usually do it was for 24. It has really frightened me because how low can one;s bg drop the pump could have gone on giving me insulin at that rate for another 12 hrs . I gues  if I had been on my own I woul!
d not be here to tell the tale Carmel 
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