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Re: [IPk] Help needed for dosing for protien

Hi Pat

I find all these comments very helpful.   Sasha has Mixtard in the morning
which actually works quite well for what she eats.  She has Actrapid in the
evening and Insulatard.   The actrapid works reasonably well for her as the
absorption is slow and has been for 8 months.  You would have thought that
my diabetes nurse would have had an inkling that something was wrong when I
kept telling her that Sasha would hypo during or just after a meal.  We have
been having to inject the Actrapid AFTER she has eaten for months now.  I
only started to really considered coeliac after talking to other parents on
another list.   I wonder if Sasha will be able to go on to a faster acting
insulin eventually.

Speaking to some parents in the US they often use a cocktail of three
insulin Humalog, Regular(like Actrapid) and the long lasting insulin.

At one time a while ago there were occasions when even fast acting carbs
werent been absobed very well.  Quite scary try to get her bg to come up.

Thanks for you comments anyway


> Difficult ... I find that protein is slow acting, so I'd inject
> something like mixtard to cover it, rather than actrapid. I am still
> very much at the 'guess/experiment' stage of working out what the
> cho/protein/calorie balance does. I _think_ that in my body, protein
> comes in around four-eight hours, at about 25% of the strength of CH0.
> The only way to find out is to experiment.  Having found out what
> happens when no lunch is eaten, find out what happens when a lunch with
> a certain proportion of CHO/calories is eaten.
> I also find that 'bad', 'empty' or 'quick'  CHO (juice, sweets, honey)
> are no more 'quick' than 'good', 'nutritional' or 'slow' CHO (rice,
> potatoes, bread) when eaten at around the 50% - 60% of calories level.
> If it's 80% of calories, then sure, it's visible.  If Sasha is like me,
> then a chicken salad and orange juice or non-diet drink could be the
> answer.  But each of us is different, and only experimentation will
> show.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> dm 30+, 508 6 months plus, always thought chocolate was a great food ...
> cheap stuff has the profile of actrapid, expensive stuff has the profile
> of humalog
> --
> Pat Reynolds
> email @ redacted
>    "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years
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