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Re: [IPk] Help needed for dosing for protien

Hi Di

Yes, Sasha does think rice cakes are UCK.  I bought them ages ago when the
twins asked me too and they were extremely disappointed however right next
to the rice crakers in out little local shop are something called  corncakes
or corn thins with sesame seeds.  Gluten free.  I got those a month or so
ago and Sasha really liked them.  There are really nice with cream cheese.
I have bought about six packs.  I try not to give them too often so that she
wont "go off" them.  In all the fuss last week with the bread going wrong
and things I forgot about them.  They are quite low carb though only six
carbs a biscuit.  So she would need a few to replace bread or a cake.  I did
buy some Snack- a- Jacks today to try to.   Sasha is quite good at trying
things so I should grumble.  She just loves sprouts and salad (without

Once when we were on holiday and she was only small about 2= or 3 we were
eating out.  We ordered our food and the kids had the usual kids food, chips
and nuggets or sausage etc.  When our food arrived it came with a side order
of veg, steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.  Sasha said, Where's my
vegetables and burst into tears.  We were astonished at the time!   The
waitress had never had this happen before.  So we had another side order
brought out.

None of my other children were quite so fond of veggies.  The only prob is
that Sasha could do with putting on weight so she needs to eat other stuff.
I usually have to make sure she eats the carb portion of Sunday roast or she
fills up on veggies.


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> Hi Jackie
> I've just thought - does Sasha like rice cakes? They are a bit  bland on
> their own (though you can get cheese flavoured ones which are a bit more
> interesting) but you can put things like peanut butter or cheese or
> you want on them. They would be GF as they only contain rice and salt. I
> a suspicion Sasha would think they are revolting though :-)
> I think in time she will get used to a lot of things that she probably
> wouldn't eat now. I have a theory that if you eat something enough you can
> end up liking it! it's like getting used to tea and coffee without sugar.
> tastes disgusting at first if you always have it with sugar, but after a
> days/weeks you get used to it and wonder how you ever like it with sugar.
> I've trained myself to like all kinds of things in that way - most
> porridge and rice pudding, which were two things I couldn't stand.  I
> discovered that porridge was good for my morning BGs, even though I hated
> Now they're two of my favourite foods!!! Of course, getting children to
> persevere with foods they don't like is a lot harder.... Good luck with it
> anyway!
> Di
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