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Re: [IPk] Help needed for dosing for protien

Hi Jackie
I've just thought - does Sasha like rice cakes? They are a bit  bland on 
their own (though you can get cheese flavoured ones which are a bit more 
interesting) but you can put things like peanut butter or cheese or whatever 
you want on them. They would be GF as they only contain rice and salt. I have 
a suspicion Sasha would think they are revolting though :-)
I think in time she will get used to a lot of things that she probably 
wouldn't eat now. I have a theory that if you eat something enough you can 
end up liking it! it's like getting used to tea and coffee without sugar. It 
tastes disgusting at first if you always have it with sugar, but after a few 
days/weeks you get used to it and wonder how you ever like it with sugar.
I've trained myself to like all kinds of things in that way - most recently, 
porridge and rice pudding, which were two things I couldn't stand.  I 
discovered that porridge was good for my morning BGs, even though I hated it. 
Now they're two of my favourite foods!!! Of course, getting children to 
persevere with foods they don't like is a lot harder.... Good luck with it 

On Tuesday 13 November 2001 10:40, you wrote:
> Hi Di
> Thanks for your helpful comments.  I think I will just cover for carbs and
> see how things go if she eats more protein when her gut has recovered a bit
> too.  Julette also wrote to me giving me the same advice about covering for
> protein.  I am so grateful for this advice.  I am working on things slowly
> and the bread that we have now got on prescription  is part baked and is
> much better than my home made loaf or the rice bread that a friend lets us
> try.  I met a lady yesterday when I was having my hair cut.  She has celiac
> and her 15 year old son has it  too.  She also gave me a few tips about
> things to go in lunch boxes.  Like the things you mentioned.  I am going to
> try some of these things on Sasha.  It would be a big change from the sort
> of food she eats now so I will introduce things  slowly at home so that I
> can give her something else if she doesn't eat it.  I love cold rise and
> potato salad type things.
> Thanks again
> Jackie
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