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[IPk] Help needed for dosing for protien

Hi all

I think that Sasha will take quite a long time to get used to the new GF
diet.  There are a few problems with the bread for the lunch sandwiches.  We
have some new gf bread that's part baked.  its not too bad just fresh baked
but when you make it up for sandwiches it does not keep very well and has to
be refreshed in the oven in foil.  Its obviously not going to be possible
for Sasha to do this at school.?!?!   So I am going to try giving her
different things in her lunch box.   How do you dose for protein?  Diane if
you are there?   For instance if you had cold chicken and salad how would
you work out what insulin to use.  Do you cover for protein or only carbs??
Sasha is not on a pump.

Jackie Jacombs
Mum of Sasha
aged 7= dx 1999 coeliac dx Nov 2001

email @ redacted
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