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Re: [IPk] Airport security

>  I don't agree with Di's point about
> disconnecting, it's not necessarily hassle-free (personally I use lower
> abdominal sites, and even if I planned the insertion and connector sites in
> advance offence would probably still be caused - I'm not exactly a young
> willowy thing!).

Hi Mary
There's an art to disconnecting and reconnecting a lower abdominal site 
without causing offence / revealing any flesh :-) 
It's possible to do it without removing / lifting up any clothes, though it 
can be tricky. Although I agree that if you're wearing 6 layers of clothes it 
is a bit awkward. But I still think it's less hassle to plan your site in 
advance and just comply if necessary, than start arguing with them....

Alternatively, just get on the conveyor belt and slide through the Xray 
machine  without disconnecting :-)
I've always wanted to do that!
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