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[IPk] Airport security

Hi folks,

I fly quite frequently, and thankfully not much has happened to me.  I was
once asked to remove my "pager" (when I pointed out what it really was, there
was a quick apology and I was allowed through).  Recently, the bag containing
my medical equipment, including "emergency" syringes and needles, just
happened to be the one chosen for a check.  I was a little worried in view of
the increased security measures being taken since September, but I stated as
it was being opened that it contained medical equipment - response, no batting
of eyelids, no fuss at all, and again off I went.

Perhaps I was lucky, or perhaps that's the response we diabetics should be
getting.  Why should we be treated differently?  I can understand the
potential problems with white sticks, although I think real dealers would make
more effort to appear "blind" without drawing attention to themselves, and
maybe drugs could be smuggled in a pump (the mind boggles at the thought of
dealers going this far, but devious methods are the norm).  But what about
businessmen etc. travelling with all sorts of equipment? - I've seldom seen
them stopped.  I don't agree with Di's point about disconnecting, it's not
necessarily hassle-free (personally I use lower abdominal sites, and even if I
planned the insertion and connector sites in advance offence would probably
still be caused - I'm not exactly a young willowy thing!).

For one reason or another, this household has not had use of e-mail / web
facilities for a while, and I apologise to anyone who has tried to contact me
or whom I have been unable to contact (Tony o'S in particular).

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