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[IPk] RE: Airport security


You're right Di. The white stick is a real nice place to put emergency glucose

At Gardermoen (Oslo) they are quite suspicious to my pump, so I always keep it
hidden when I go through.

The first time I went travelling after going on the pump, I didn't think of
it. When they spotted it (on my belt), they insisted that I should send it
through that x-ray thing. Even when I showed them my site, they were'nt
convinced. But after emtying pockets and so on they let me go. I hope they
learned from that. It's good they are doing their job, but they shouldn't
waste time on modern diabetics.

White stics have been used for smuggeling, so it's understandable that they
want a close look at such things. I've never experienced that they have sendt
it throug six times.

Best wishes
Ingrid F.
Aproaching 1st year aniversary of pumping
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