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Re: [IPk] Gluten free foods

Di Wrote:-
> > I can sympathise as it must be very difficult for you. Bad enough trying
> find foods for yourself when you can't tolerate certain things, but when
> you're trying to feed 6 people at once it must be even worse!
> Maybe you will have to look again at Sasha's insulin and try reducing it
> she doesn't need so many carbs. With any luck once you get her on allt he
> stuff she will put on weight anyway - since presumably the coeliac was
> her lose weight - or not put it on.

I think she has not lost weight but certainly not put on what she should.
Beckie who has always been half a stone heavier than Sasha for years is only
the same weight as Sasha now so Beckie is losing weight.  I think it will
take awhile to get used to the new diet. But we cant change Beckie diet
until after the biopsy.  Its thing like "portable" snacks that are harder to
think of.  The twins do quite a bit of sport and stuff that Sasha needs a
quick fix for.  Juice is too quick and high carb I need something that will
sustain her during swimming.

> I was just wondering if something like MullerRice would be gluten free?
> kind of things would be good snacks for her if they are. They probably put
> starch in to thicken it though :-(

I am pretty sure that some of the tinned or rice things in pots are OK.  I
have tried them in the past instead of yogs but they were rejected.  I will
have to give them another try.  Perhaps if I let her help me make rice
pudding from scratch she might give it a go.

> Did you investigate things like those fruit bars we talked about before?
> There are some that are just pure fruit - they might make a change from
> bananas and things.

I have bought some gf fruit bars but I am waiting until one day when she is
very hungry to try.  We have tried things like this before and the twins
didnt really like them.  Sasha would be happy to have more fruit and vegs
but the thing is at that age children need a higher carb and fat ratio than
adults.  I often have to make sure that she eats up her potatoes when we
have a roast meal or she will fill her tummy up with sprouts and carrots
which haven't got much carb.

Perhaps Julette Kentish might know how much protein, fat and carb a 7 year
old should have.

Thanks for you suggestions anyway, they are of help.

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