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RE: [IPk] Gluten free foods

Hi Jackie -

With four children, this is a very difficult thing to cope with. Moan away.

>Terry is very depressed at
the though of yet another dietary  restriction  to cope with.

I'm with Di on this one: look at this as an opportunity rather than a
restriction. You should check in with a good whole foods shop for advice and
try to broaden the diet. For example, you can eat barley, buckwheat (which
isn't wheat at all and is gluten free), millet, and probably a few things I
can't think of (stay ways from bulgar and cous couse - they're both wheat
products). Get some recipes for corn bread. And try squash instead of
potatoes! They're my favourite thing in autumn: some of them are quite sweet
in flavour, such as butternut. Use them instead of poatoes. They add great
colour to the plate.

For snacks, why not try dried fruit? You can measure it at home and have a
different one each day. Monday is raisins, Tuesday is apricots, etc. I also
highly recommend nine bars (http://www.hemp.co.uk/barinfo.html), which, as
far as I recall, are gluten free, and have a number of different seeds in
them. They are in a glucose base and have a bit of carob or chocolate on the
top. They are _delicious_! I think it's 16g per bar or so, so you could cut
one in half if necessary. Yum. Because of the sweetness I think they'd suit
a child's palate - and they're a lot healthier than bikkies.

I suppose if you can present new foods with excitement you can get the girls
to try them, at least. Can you turn your culinary experiments into
adventures? Perhaps you could set up a rating chart, and everyone could try
the new food and then rate it from one to five (you pick which is the top
score). Then the ones that score the highest (say, all fours and fives if
five is best) get eaten again. It's the Mary Poppins approach, really: if we
make a game of it it won't hurt at all.

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