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Re: [IPk] Airport Security -

On Thursday 08 November 2001 23:51, you wrote:
> I flew out and back in through Manchester airport 2 weeks ago wearing my
> pump for all to see on a belt clip. I had all my diabetes supplies in a
> carryon bag which I passed through the x-ray machine while I walked through
> security. I did not expect the pump, Minimed 508, to trigger the security
> alarm and it did not. No questions were asked and hardly an eyebrow raised.
> At Amsterdam airport, I was asked what it was which I told them and was
> then sent happily on my way.
> My suggestion to you Alison would be for your son to wear the pump rather
> than remove it before going through security. By removing it, this might
> actually draw more attention to you which is one thing you are trying to
> avoid. If somebody actually does notice it, just say that your son has
> diabetes and is wearing an insulin pump.
> Ken

I would agree absolutely. I fly quite a lot for work and my pump has never 
set off the alarm, although I know it can do sometimes. Occasionally I've 
been asked what it is and I've told them. One thing I do make sure is that 
I'm wearing it in a place that makes it easy to disconnect should they ask me 
to. It's so much easier to just disconnect (and if necessary put it through 
the Xray machine) than to hassle explaining that it's medical equipment and 
you can't disconnect it (which is rubbish because you can, unless you have 
non-disconnectable sets).  But I do make sure of 2 things. (1) it's not in my 
bra or somewhere non-accessible. (2) the site is somewhere I can reach to 
disconnect. Have you ever tried discreetly disconnecting a site that's in 
your bum in public? :-)
Everything can go through the Xray machines no problem.  I've been through 
airports such as Cairo (where I actually watched the lady in front of me have 
a box of tampons emptied out and inspected individually, in front of 
everyone!). When they queried my syringes I told them I had diabetes and that 
was that. No more questions asked. I've never had to produce a doctor's 
letter or anything like that. I always have far more trouble with things like 
my camera and laptop than with any medical equipment. Oh, and my white stick 
- they always inspect it meticulously, try and pull it apart, and pass it 
through the Xray machine about 6 times! When they find nothing wrong with it 
they do usually apologise profusely though!
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