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Re: [IPk] Airport Security -

I flew out and back in through Manchester airport 2 weeks ago wearing my pump 
for all to see on a belt clip. I had all my diabetes supplies in a carryon 
bag which I passed through the x-ray machine while I walked through security. 
I did not expect the pump, Minimed 508, to trigger the security alarm and it 
did not. No questions were asked and hardly an eyebrow raised. At Amsterdam 
airport, I was asked what it was which I told them and was then sent happily 
on my way.

My suggestion to you Alison would be for your son to wear the pump rather 
than remove it before going through security. By removing it, this might 
actually draw more attention to you which is one thing you are trying to 
avoid. If somebody actually does notice it, just say that your son has 
diabetes and is wearing an insulin pump.

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