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RE: [IPk] Airport Security and driving

Having just arrived back fro Aberdeen (by air) on Tuesday for
a meeting and Great Yarmouth (400 miles by car yesterday) I
can hopefully comment on both.

Travel by air:  I fly 12 - 15 times a year and have never
once declared syringes, novopen (when I had them) or pump.
My pump was seen once at Gatwick and I was asked to remove
the pager.  I told them that i couldn't as it was an insulin
pump and connected to me (a lie, I could have disconnected).
They looked at and waved me through.  Since then I clip the
pump to the back of my skirt/trousers out of sight.  It has
not triggered the sensors so far.

I always carry all spare insulin and infusion sets,
rerservoirs etc in my hand luggage and out it through the
scanners.  only once have I had to open my bags for a search
(they were concerned about my Psion and I had to turn it on).
They ask about the infusion sets but are usually quite happy
with my explanation.

Please don't be twitchy about your holiday.  Carry a ltter
from your consultant (with phone number) just in case but I
would be surprised (if the pump was out of sight) if you were
even stopped.  Don't worry about the scanners - just put
everything through.

Driving: Well I average around 14000 miles a year, mostly
short trips 930 - 60 mins)but occasional long ones
(yesterdays trip to present a paper in Great Yarmouth was a
400 mile round trip and took 6.5 hours.  I was only actually
in GY for 1.5 hours!)  I have never had a hypo whilst driving
(19 years) but I am not complacent.  For me long distance
travel is stressful, whther by train, plane or car and
therefore for me my BG's rise.  I always test my BGM before
driving and eat one or two sweets every hour.  This usually
means by BG is more than 10 by the time I get back but better
safe than sorry.  I resent having a 3 yr licence and I resent
being told what I can and can't drive.  My insurance company
believes me to be a low risk - why can't the government?


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