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Re: [IPk] Airport Security - I've just survived BRISTOL.

In a message dated 07/11/01 07:02:53 GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

.  Pump and insertion site were
detected through my clothing (baggy layers are comfortable to travel in,
but maybe not the best thing right now, as I then had to lift up layers
of fleece, shirts, etc, to reveal my stomach - or rather, I thought I
had to, but I think the security guard was rather alarmed by this, and
said, 'no, no! (put yourself away!).

I have just travelled with my disetronic from Bristol to Malta.  

I checked with security before travelling (having previously been strip 
searched at Gatwick, whilst only carrying Novapens!!).  I was advised NOT to 
allow the insulin through the scanner machine as this would reduce the 
potency (? -is this true). 

At Bristol I kept the pump on and took all supplies (inc needles, syringes, 
insulin and glucagen) in a seperate bag, so normal hand luggage went through 
the scanner and the seperate bag and myself got checked in a private room.  
Here I was able to show the pump within the bra hanging pouch and the needle. 
 however they wanted me to empty the pouch so they could check for other 
contents.   Hence a lot of skin was on show......after the horrible events at 
Gatwick I would alway recommending showing the syringes  etc and not trying 
just to walk through. 

At Malta,  I took the pump off and put this in the seperate bag.  I went 
through the scanner, so did all hand luggage.  I put the seperate bag for 
checking, without being scanned.  

Taking control of checking in the hand luggage sure keeps my stress levels 
and blood sugars down. 

Good Luck everyone travelling.

Spiderknees   x 

PS.  what with me being checked so carefully.. my partner accidentally had a 
multi-tool in his diving respirator kit and carried this on as hand luggage - 
- the tool contained scissors and a pen knife!    Silly hey!? 

At Malta 
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