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Re: [IPk] Dealing with airport security

In message <email @ redacted>, Melissa Ford
<email @ redacted> writes
>SO, what do y'all do?  Is traveling by air on the Continent as
>stressful as transatlantic travel?

Since the 11th of September I have gone by Eurostar to Brussels and
flown Gatwick to Amsterdam.

Eurostar has slightly lower security than Hilo Airport, Hawai'i had
before (i.e. quite high by US standards for an internal flight - they're
rather worried about fruit).  

Gatwick was no different this time to when I flew the same route last
June: I set the alarm off, and was frisked.  I said before it started
that it was probably my insulin pump.  Pump and insertion site were
detected through my clothing (baggy layers are comfortable to travel in,
but maybe not the best thing right now, as I then had to lift up layers
of fleece, shirts, etc, to reveal my stomach - or rather, I thought I
had to, but I think the security guard was rather alarmed by this, and
said, 'no, no! (put yourself away!).

I had intended only to carry hand baggage, but decided that while a pair
of sharp, long-bladed pointed scissors are only used for cutting tape
for my pump, there seemed to be no reason why I had to have them on the
flight, and I didn't feel like arguing the toss.  My spare infusion
sets, however, I wanted (having had lost luggage before, and will have
it again).  While the signs make it clear that hypodermic syringes for
medical purposes are allowed, what about pump reservoirs?  Dunno.
Guessed that I could convince someone that it was a hypodermic, and
carried them.  Guessed that inserter needles wouldn't be spotted,

Security much lower at Schipol on the way back: I didn't set off the

Maybe it works if don't let people discover the pump, andy you put your
insertion set into a bit of your body you are happy to show the world at
Gatwick - and yank your clothing up to show them. But maybe Melissa
_looks_ like a terrorist, and I look like a middle-aged civil servant
(litle do they know my anarchist/post-Marxist leanings!).  When the hand
luggage was being searched at Gatwick (the one new bit of security),
they picked out all sorts of people, but not me.

Best wishes to all

(who went to the European Museum Advisors Conference and 'Hollanders Uit
en Thuis' (Archaeology and Art of the Dutch West and East Indies
expansion), and is finding the pump (508, 6months+) a dream for the
stop-go/guess-the-CHO of travel and conferences).

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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