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Re: [IPk] Air bubble nightmare!!!

May I add my Euro's worth!

I fill the minimed reservoir from a vial. I've found it's possible to avoid
flicking altogether, and that if you find yourself flicking, it's already
too late!

Try this. First, as you have to inject air first, say you want 2 ml (200
units), just inject 1 ml into the vial, then with the bottle uppermost, let
the insulin trickle into the reservoir SLOWLY. Try to get the base covered
without any bubbles left over.

Got that? You're half way there! Now, inject the other 1ml, also slowly,
this time clear the single large bubble from the top of the reservoir
completely, and then keep the tip of the needle under water (insulin) as you
draw back the remainder.

Finally, make sure you've drawn back the same amount as the air you
injected, to prevent any suckback (sorry, couldn't think of a better word)
when the needle comes out of the bottle.

IF you're careless enough  : ) to leave a little bubble inside, pick up a
much larger one from within the vial, and move it around to hoover up the
smaller one(s). Then back to the later step above.

When filling the tubing, the same approach works. Slow is best. Make sure
the tubing is well primed before hooking up,

et Voila!

PS while I bathe in self-congratulation, I also don't keep the current
bottle in the fridge. Perhaps that also has an influence?

Tony O'Sullivan
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