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Re: [IPk] Air bubble nightmare!!!


You must need to flick the reservoir syringe more.  If what I've just said
makes no sense, you need to see another pumper or a medical care professional
skilled in pump therapy ASAP!  On the other hand, if you do already flick the
syringe several times, you might have lots of what are called "champagne
bubbles" gathering into one big air bubble in your tubing.  My recommended
cure is to flick the syringe while holding it at a slight angle (say, 45
degrees rather than 90 degrees) so the bubbles have a chance to congregate in
the part of the reservoir just before the skinny neck (where the plunger goes
when you run out of insulin--there has got to be a real name for what I'm
talking about....), before they have the chance to get sealed in your set.  I
think it took me about three years to perfect my flicking technique, fwiw.

Hope this helps,

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